All About Me

You’ve read the articles, browsed about this digital frontier, and now you want to learn more about the face behind the scenes? That’s understandable. As a whole, I prefer to keep my work at the forefront of my life, and take a backseat to it. Hence the digital overlay over my face, to show how I would prefer to be seen almost as the entity I built for myself rather than who I was born as.

But, if you want to know, far be it for me to keep you in the dark. My name is Emil Becker. I’m a thirty-something year old genderqueer individual, currently exploring a more feminine side of the binary at the time of writing. I work as a programmer, primarily coding in Python and C++ (though other languages make an appearance from time to time, like the ever-present and inescapable Java), and help with a myriad of freelance and contract software applications. Due to the nature of my work, I am not able to talk a lot about any specifics, but my work is all over the place.

You may be wondering about the site name at this point. I’ll admit, it’s somewhat cheezy. Essentially, the first part translates to “lingering and full of life”. In a way, that’s a personal note. I like technology for what it has done for my life, and what it has built for me. I have faced a lot of challenges with my life, especially with my identity, but I am still here regardless.

The west part is because I am from the West Coast originally. Imaginative, I know.

You’ve got a decent insight into my being now. I think it’s time I fade back into the digital space. See you around.