Weird Science Stories to Help you Avoid Holiday Drama

The holidays can cause even the most fun-loving folks heading into a social situation they will probably feel incredibly unprepared for. When stuck in these kinds of situations, think of using of these offbeat science stories to steer the conversation away from the racy conversations that are currently taking place around you.

Break the Silence (Or Shouting) with a Science Joke

Perhaps you do not need an evasive conversational maneuver, maybe you just need help getting comfy with your relatives you have not seen since last holiday season? Even the most elemental of science jokes will surely garner a few laughs. HeHe. Depends on your family though so gauge the tone of the room before bombarding them with amazing science jokes. They might not appreciate them as you do.

Why do we Cringe when Other People do Embarrassing things?

If it does not feel too close to home after watching your 2nd cousin put his foot in his mouth at the dinner table, you could tell your family about a story of second-hand humiliation and explain why feeling embarrassment on someone else’s behalf – even if they do not feel awkward themselves – demonstrates some empathy. Will this knowledge be enough to make you stop cringing? Not really. But it might if you talk about vicarious humiliation with enough conviction, your inadvertent embarrasser will get the hint.

Show your Loved Ones the Extremely Charismatic Penis Fish

It is not a penis and it is not a fish, but that should not stop you from bombarding those around you with amazing facts about this phallic marvel. If anyone asks you why you do not have a boyfriend, you will have facts locked and loaded to prove to them why you currently do not care too.

Chill Things Out with a Few Stories about ASMR

If the meal devolves into shouting – or, potentially even worse, gross chomping sounds – you can make your feelings on the situation heard by explaining why gentle whispers seem to trigger mysterious physical responses in so many ASMR enthusiasts. It seems to help people get to sleep, relax, and do a whole lot more so amaze your angry or hungry loved ones with facts about it.

Share some Exciting Sports Science with Your Favorite Sports Fan

You might be a huge sports fan – and if so, then great. In that case, you should just dive into stories about Major League Baseball’s strange surge in home runs for your own amusement. But if you have no idea how sports work and you are well aware that your uncle is a huge Golden State Warriors fan, keep your sports science facts at hand so you can contribute to the conversation.

Impress your Guests with the Story of the Glass Harmonica

Conversing about the latest and greatest TV shows and movies is awesome, but if someone at the table is trying way too hard to impress fellow guests with their thoughts on the “Watchmen” finale, unleash the show’s shocking tie-in to a real-life historical hypnotism movement. One that utilized a spooky instrument designed by non-other than Ben Franklin. From there, it is an easy transition to telling people about how much Franklin loved sitting around naked, and then you have successfully changed the subject.

Overall, the holidays can be full of fantastic times for everyone but as many of us are aware, the conversation does not always flow as amicably as it could. This is why walking into that dinner with a bag full of facts will help you socially lubricate the otherwise painfully awkward meal.

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