The Top Common Different Bong Designs

Straight-tube bong

The use of pipes and bongs has attracted much use in recent times because of the number of benefits it possesses. It makes smoking look awesomely descent, and now people can smoke in most places they usually shied away from. The increase in their popularity has seen to its improvement in designs and materials used to build the smokers. There exists a lot of different designs that can be made from any material used to create bongs. Let’s have a look at the top common different bong designs that are currently on the market.

The Carburetor types

These are the most common designs. They are easily identified with their hole located somewhere around thecarburetor bong middle section. There are those that have no hole in the middle, and these don’t fall in this category. They are known to produce much more heat because when inhaling, you remove a bowl or a clog from the hole and air lets in pushing all the contents inside the stem of the carburetor straight into your lungs, reducing any wastage that would have been there with previous designs of smoking.

Beaker-shaped type

This type has a base that looks like a cone and shaped like a beaker. Their designs lower its center of gravity making it balance firmly when being used. Their use is more relaxed because you don’t have to worry about the bong toppling over while smoking.

Straight-tube type

These are simple because they don’t have a shapeshift. They have a regular tube-like shape and a flat base that appears very simple. The hole at the side has a removable bowl where the smoking materials are placed.

Round-based types

These are somehow similar to the Beaker-shaped bongs although they have a round-base to hold more water. They are also stable although not as much as compared to Beaker-shaped types.

The multi-chamber or the recycler type

multi-chamber bongThis is a more sophisticated bong design compared to the previously mentioned ones. They are designed with a varying number of chambers but the common amounts to three. All chambers are connected with small openings. Water is held in more than one of the chambers making the filtration of the produced smoke become more intense and cleaner.

There also exists other many different sophisticated designs, but the above-mentioned ones are the most popularly used and diversified. Bongs are a good way of smoking and a surprisingly healthy way too.…