4 Important Fitness Activities For Children


Fitness activities for kids are meant to boost a child’s self-esteem, increase their mental discipline and make them more social. There are four types of physical activities. This includes the aerobic exercises, bone strengthening, muscle strengthening and stretching activities. These activities are necessary for everyone including the young and the old. The following are four important fitness activities for children

Aerobic activities

They are also known as cardiovascular events. They are most beneficial to the heart and lungs. They involvekk,kggcgc moving the large muscles such as arms and legs, and they also make the heart beat faster. They also encourage heavy breathing which makes their heart and lungs stronger. More to that, they also help to reduce high blood pressure. For children, such exercises include swimming, running, climbing stairs, rope jumping, dancing, and cycling. All these activities should be done under the supervision of an adult to avoid injuries.

These exercises should cover much of the time of the sixty minutes recommended physical activity time for kids. Such exercises are beneficial since they help in burning fat for children. The long-term effect is that the children will become healthy adults with no chronic diseases. They also stay active due to increased blood circulation which carries nutrients and oxygen to the body.

Muscle strengthening activities

These kinds of activities help the children in their day to day activities. In addition to that, they also improve their sports performance and reduce their chances of sports injuries. Such activities ought to be fun for the children to enjoy them.

Such activities include monkey bars. Swinging from one bar to the other makes them develop their upper muscles. Medicine balls and wheelbarrow are also part of such exercises. Tug of war games and modified pushups which should be done with knees on the floor also form part of the muscle strengthening exercises.

Bone-strengthening activities

These activities are meant to make the bones strong. Such activities include jumping and climbing exercises such as rope jumping, hopscotch games, gymnastics, basketball, tennis, martial arts among others. They can also do weight lifts, but they should be of lower weights.

The importance of these activities is that they help the child develop physical balance and flexibility. They also assist in improving the bone density of the children.

Stretching exercises

l.lklddfefregThese types of activities help to make the child able to have full joint mobility. Activities that can be done by children include shoulder blade stretches, straddle stretch and side stretch. These stretch exercises help the children prevent injury when they engage in sporting activities. It also makes them very flexible should they be needed to do some other physical activities.

The above physical activities are important for children. They help children become very active and hence strong adults. However, one should exercise caution when doing fitness exercises with the kids. They should do these exercises under the close supervision of an adult.…