All you need to know about virtual offices in ATLANTA


If you’ve ever thought that running your business might be a slightly busy, then a virtual office Atlanta could be the answer that you need. With a modern office space, you can be assured that you have room to do your finest work while concurrently offering your best services to clients. There are many iconic companies that you can work within Atlanta and that is why it is the choice place for most people who would like to set up shop. Letting a virtual office space in Atlanta ensures that you have a spot to set shop. So in Atlanta what should you look for while hunting for an executive office space? What makes one stand out from the rest? A good provider should offer solutions that meet all business needs. What’s more, the virtual packages should be customer friendly. Below are a few factors to help you get good virtual office services in Atlanta.



Location and address are some of the most vital components of a virtual office. Choosing a virtual office at a good location would be ideal for setting up a great meeting place.



A good virtual office should have provision for state-of-the-art technological features. These include faxing services, high-speed internet, virtual assistance services and printing services. The company serving you should also offer you access to the professional center and support teams for managing your mails.



What kind of services do you need? Are you looking for an office space with 24 hours access or 8 hours access? Are the services and spaces amendable if you’d like to expand? You need to get a provider who can provide all these services.



Virtual offices should be in a position to provide certain amenities for their business owners. These should include top quality machines, such as color copiers, fax, scanners, computers, and shredders. The rates on all business and administrative services should also be friendly.


The Best Virtual Office Provider in Atlanta

Servcorp is the best virtual office for small enterprises in Atlanta. They have a month to month agreement that offers flexibility, a good entrance to your office space, and a good variety of incorporated features. They have a modest price for accessing your physical office. The first month is free of charge. This is the best virtual office for small businesses because they offer the best rates in price and services. Their mailing service costs only $112 while mailing and phone answering services cost $224. While it may be at the higher-end of the above services this company offers more physical spaces than companies in Atlanta. These include 16 hours per month of a conference and office location at your home vicinity, 3 hours per month at other locations and three days per month of your private office space outside your city which represents so much flexibility. This allows you to host meetings and clients at your office or go to meet them physically.


What’s more, Servcorp does not require contract commitment while others require a minimum 6 to 12 months to get their pricing. Servcorp is the only company in Atlanta that offers flexibility.