Guide To Buying A Travel Pillow


Any human being will need to travel from time to time, either over long distances or short ones. In most instances, you can use public transport either going by train, airplane, bus or you can be carried as a passenger in the car family. Whether you are the type of person who sleeps when traveling or not, you will require that your neck and head are properly supported. This is very important as it enables you to take the burden off and allow you to have a snooze or relax. There is no device that can aid you in doing this other than the travel pillow.

Due to the rise in demand for them, they are many in the market nowadays, and they differ in their design, shape, size and the different brands that one can choose from, Click here for more. Many of the traveling pillows have been tried and tested and have been found to be effective. All you need to do is know how to select the right one that can fit your needs properly.

Shopping for a travel pillow

Below we are going to highlight some of the characteristics that you should look out for when shopping for a traveling pillow:



It is very important that you take into consideration the type of fabric that your traveling pillow is made of. But before deciding on the fabric, it is important that you know the weather that you are going to encounter when traveling. Are you going to travel through a hot or cold environment, if you are going to have a chilly flight, or going for a winter trans Siberian adventure then it is advisable that you go for a pillow that is made of fleece material as they are excellent for such conditions. Be careful when choosing the fabric as some can irritate your skin. For flights go for fleece style material but hot climate travels cotton, or smooth plastic material is recommended.

Neck support

Have in mind your sleeping style when you are traveling. If you are the type that your head tilts forward when you start falling asleep, then you should try out a neck brace style traveling pillow or that which allows you to clip your head and neck on the front. But if you need a firm support for your neck and head then a memory foam traveling pillow or an inflatable pillow will be ideal for you.


If you are going to be traveling more often, or you are a regular traveler, then you should consider spending a little bit more so that you can purchase a pillow that will give you service for some time. A memory foam travel pillow is the best as it cannot be affected by minor gashes or any damage. But if you have a microbead pillow and it is torn, it is pretty obvious that you will have to replace it. An inflatable pillow if torn will only be repaired by batching it.


If you are a light traveler, you should stick with a small light weight pillow. Inflatable pillows are also recommended as they can be deflated and hence fit into a small pocket thus easy to carry along. Memory forms can also compress to half their size. Microbead pillows never reduce in size hence can be bulk to carry when traveling.